Creative event & wedding planners and stylists, who want nothing more but to bring your stories to life.
Based in Sydney, but keen to travel wherever you take us.

— Upside Down Events


   Think of a proposal, wedding or birthday party.

Search it on Pinterest.

Check a few Instagram hashtags. 

It's fun. (just add photo booth)

It's cute. (just add flower kid)

It's sweet. (just add dessert spread)

It's dreamy. (just add sparklers)

It's the same . 



At Upside Down Events, we go beyond the typical, traditional and conventional.  

We want to know who you are and what you love.  

Then we design and plan an event that is all about showing off. 


Maybe you're a foodie, a rock-climber, a hardcore Game of Thrones fan or perhaps all three.

 So why hide it doing something else, something normal?

Make a bang doing the most unique thing there is: being you.  

And after all, the best things in life are real and we're inspired by you.