-When Eric proposes to Andrea


Eric. Entrepreneur and yogi.
Andrea. Model and cat lover.

Eric and Andrea. Partners, lovers, soulmates.

Bound together by their shared love of yoga and the great outdoors, the couple brought in Upside Down Events to photograph their morning routine as a gift to themselves, to celebrate simply what is being together. And in turn, we were able to take not only a snapshot of their lives, but capture the most spontaneous and once-in-a-lifetime event we've witnessed.

Morning exercise, daily grooming and cooking breakfast. While that doesn't sound too exciting, it's amazing to see how by simply being with the love of your life, ordinary routine transforms into pure bliss.

However Eric had bigger things in mind other than a photo shoot. He wanted to make the day a surprise. So much of a surprise in fact, that even we were unaware of what was unfolding before us.

Before we knew it, Eric proposed to Andrea, sweeping her off her feet and taking their love to new heights.

Mornings were never better. Even for morning people.