- Railay Beach, Thailand


Will and Hu Qian. 

Romance, friendship, freedom.

Free-spirited and adventure loving. Rock climbing during the days and doing Acro-Yoga by night. Hu Qian and Will chose to have their wedding where they first fell in love - Ton Sai, Thailand.

And so the stage was set for what truly was a wedding inspired by romance, friendship and freedom. (all while being barefoot along the shoreline.)  

To start the evening, guests were treated to a long-tailed boat ride taking them to the secluded Phra Nang beach for the wedding ceremony which was held barefoot along the shoreline.  

In the sunset, they exchanged vows and with the help of their friends, tied the knot of two climbing ropes, symbolising their love for each other as well as the importance of friendship in their lives.The newly wedded couple then led the guests back to the wedding reception for a traditional Thai dinner by the seaside, followed by the entertainment and dancing, where the fun really took off. 

How? Well, just look at the cast of Hu Qian and Will’s closest friends: A blues grass musician, three fire dancers, a jewellery designer, fashion model and Scottish bagpipes player amidst rock climbers and yogis. And with friendship as one of our key inspirations for this wedding, we decided to get everyone involved. 

And so, to cap off the perfect evening, we were in for a fiery celebration that took us well into the early hours of the morning.