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Event Styling, Sydney

For most marketing assistants or HR staff in Australia, you will inevitably be tasked with organising a corporate event during your career.

Large meetings and parties often require a set of experience professionals to make them happen. This is where an event styling service and event management team can help.

We understand the value in people coming together to connect, to celebrate and share experiences and these values are embedded in our corporate event styling ethos.


What Is Event Styling?

Special events call for special attention, especially when VIPs and company stakeholders are invited.

Event styling can take on many elements. Sometimes, our roles overlap with those of an event planner but strictly speaking, event stylists help to bring a memorable atmosphere to an event. This is done via physical elements such as decor, lighting, the careful use of colour, fixtures and props.

For example, for a corporate event such as a Christmas party, we are often given a theme to work with and during the planning and ideation process, we provide recommendations on venue hire, ways to use an event space, and elements that help attendees feel immersed into the desired theme. Visually, this can translate into interactive elements (e.g., giant swing photo booth), custom graphics and signage to reflect theming, and little details that will encourage attendees to feel welcomed and appreciated.


How Can An Event Stylist Help?

For most corporate events, you can think of us as event planners and event stylists. Depending on your goals, budget, project timeline and choice of venue, we can help design, decorate and execute the visual elements of your corporate event. These can typically include gala and cocktail events, industry award nights, product launches, fundraising events, workshops and conferences, themed parties, and Christmas parties.


Here are a just a few ways we can help you host the perfect corporate event:

  • provide you with creative yet practical ideas and recommendations on how to best achieve your goals within your budgetary, timing, and event space parameters

  • suggest and take care of all furniture hire (selection, delivery, arrangement, pack-down)

  • liaise with professional florist to add a level of freshness to support the desired theming that will impress your stakeholders

  • project manage event design and execution (e.g., liaise with marquee company, prop hire company, catering vendors to ensure the logistics timeline matches up with the event timeline)

  • consult with you on visual elements such as external lighting (candles, stage lighting, chandeliers)

  • take away the stress of managing multiple contractor

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