Wedding Styling & Planning




Starts from  $5,000

Bespoke Styling

We work with you from concept to creation to cover things such as floral design, furniture selection, props, lighting and table centrepieces and more. 

That's all the talk which is fine, but we don't stop there.  Once we finally decide on those things, we need to get all of this actually done.  So we start running around, finding vendors even making customised one-off pieces. 

The biggest task is then putting it all together on the wedding day itself.  That means early starts and late finishes.  Making sure everything is delivered on time and properly set up from lots of vendors. 


Custom Packages

Picky hey? Or maybe you're those bespoke types of gals and guys! Well lucky you, cause we can help here too!  So if you are unsure, email us so that we can come up with what you need!















 STARTs FROM $1,000

Full Service Planning

For the couple who desires full service wedding planning.  From concept to creation and delivery on your big day, we work with you from the start to plan, create and style your wedding so that you can tell your story.  We will be with you on every step of the journey to take care of your big day. 


4-6 Months Prior

You've pulled the trigger and now it's time to get things in motion.  Let us jump onboard and help you in the big months leading up to the big day.

 This package is best suited for the couple that have already booked their venue, some service providers and have an established concept for the wedding. We assist you in refining the planning process and to start making ideas real. 


1 Month Prior

Vendor and supplier bookings have been done, but maybe not quite dusted.  You've gotten this far and that's awesome and let us help you make things even better! (Hint: beauty sleep takes longer than the night before)

This package is best suited for the couple who has booked vendors, planned the wedding and needs someone to flesh out and orchestrate the details of the wedding day to ensure everything runs as smoothly as it can. 


On the Day Coordination

Running around, making sure the right things and right people are in the right places at the right time...for a full day.  Yeah, you probably have better things to do on your wedding day.

 On the day coordination is for the couple who has planned their entire wedding, and needs to ensure a smooth, fun and seamless day.  Don't run around on your wedding, hand over all the details over to us and just simply enjoy your day, as you should. 



For more information:

Talk to us about what you need and we are happy to give you a tip or two!


When it comes to planning a wedding, every teeny, tiny detail is important. You already have so much to think about and you want to be sure you don't leave anything out. One small missed element could mean the ruination of the entire day. Just thinking about all of the preparations alone can easily become overwhelming. That's where Upside Down Events comes in.