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It takes a lot of work to create a beautiful wedding. From designing to set up, find out why Upside Down Events is the best wedding stylist for your Sydney wedding celebration.

Lilac is a Sydney-based wedding stylist and wedding planner. With years of experience in project management, she heads up the team at Upside Down Events to ensure that your special day goes smoothly and has the wow factor it deserves.

We primarily help design wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions through our wedding styling. We also offer complete wedding planning services or for the right couple, we can perform wedding day-of coordination.


A wedding stylist is not just any old event styling and being a wedding planner is a whole lot more involved than being a simple event planner. We understand that couples like you seek customisation and personalisation in your wedding day and with our insight and experience in event design, we take away the stress event managemnet and give you the dream wedding that you seek.

Gentlemen, we provide proposal planning so if you want her to say Y-E-S, click here to find out how Australia's best event stylist can do for you romantic proposal.





Starts from  $5,000


We've consulted for many marrying couples and the biggest trend we have seen is their desire to customise and personalise their wedding day.

Long gone are the days of pre-packaged prop hire and decorations, modern couples demand something that reflects who they are and what their special day means to them. For this reason, our wedding styling goes beyond 'average' and 'standard' because you are more than average.


According to a recent survey, the most popular wedding themes are outdoor/garden, rustic, boho chic, and contemporary and glamourous. But what do these wedding styles mean to you?

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Before the big day is another special day and for many gentlemen, the proposal is a crucial part of the relationship to get right.

Just for you, we offer marriage proposal planning to ensure that your lucky partner has only one response to give: "YES!". And to help make that happen, Upside Down Events takes care of everything imaginable.


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 STARTs FROM $1,000


For many couples, part of the experience of getting married is the wedding planning process. Especially in Australia where it is the cultural norm to research and find a wedding photographer, florist, ceremony venue, catering, reception venue, musician, wedding videographer, civil celebrant, transport, and other wedding vendors.

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts to consider, and thus, a lot of back and forth communication between multiple service providers.


For the modern couple living busy professional lives, wedding planning is a professional event planning service that seeks to lessen your burden, time spent on spreadsheets, and stress on wedding planning related tasks. Wedding planning allows you to enjoy your big day by giving you peace of mind that your special day is in capable and experienced hands (i.e., us!).

Wedding planning can take the form of full-service event management or it can be customised to your requirements. For example, you may wish to undertake all the pre-wedding planning and hire a day-of coordinator to ensure that the wedding day itself runs smoothly and to plan. This way, you won't have to worry about things on your big day.

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