Wedding Planning


Sydney Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is no small feat because there are a thousand competing priorities, budgetary decision, and deadlines.

Many couples, especially young professionals choose to hire a professional wedding planner because life is too short to pile on more stress. And this is exactly what we do at Upside Down Events. We offer couples with precision wedding planning that allows them to enjoy the lead up to their big day as well as on their wedding day.

PS - we are also wedding stylists.

But First What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

Because we offer professional wedding styling services as well, we have found that many couples do not know how a wedding planner differs from the role and responsibilities of a wedding stylist. In part, event styling used to fall under the domain of an a professional planning service and as such, event stylists is a relatively emerging field within the past two decades.

Some wedding planners combine their event planning and event styling services into one. We prefer to keep the responsibilities separate as the two services have very different execution, although the end result is shared. That is, to provide you with an unforgettable experience on your wedding day.

Wedding planning, in general, is more logistically focussed on the process of making sure that all tasks related to making a wedding happen, does so on time and within budget. For the modern couple, the core ingredients for a wedding include the following services:

  • photography and/or videography to document the moments and memories

  • fresh florals because flowers can make any space look beautiful

  • a registered marriage officiant (otherwise you're just throwing a very expensive party)

  • styling and decor

  • a venue for the ceremony and/or reception to take place

  • a professional MC so that your guests are entertained throughout the evening

  • hair and makeup artists to ensure you look your best on your wedding day

  • signage (seating chart, table placeholders, invitations etc)

  • music to avoid awkward silences

In essence, a wedding planner ensures that everything that is required for a wedding day is present and accounted for.

Full Service Wedding Planning (Or As Chilled As You Like)

We can be your trusted hands-on wedding planner or act as your consultant partner in your times of need. It depends on how much direct involvement you want in the actual event management.

As the name implies, full service wedding planning removes all the stress and burden of managing multiple priorities and deadlines and gives you peace of mind. As your wedding planner, we will work with your specified budget to hire the best team of wedding vendors to achieve your dream wedding. Leading up to your big day, we will typically liaise with each wedding vendor individually to develop a run sheet. This will allow us to coordinate for optimal logistics and timings. For larger wedding celebrations, have a streamlined run sheet is crucial as most wedding venues require vendors to arrive and set up in a staggered way. Once again, Lilac's 10+ years experience in logistics makes her the perfect choice.

However, we have observed an increasing number of couples who wish to personalise aspects of their stress-free wedding day. This trend towards personalisation requires a different approach to full service wedding planning.


Based on your preferences, we can provide you with a list of appropriate wedding vendors for you to review. Once you have decided which wedding vendors you wish to proceed with, we handle all communications and back and forth emails so you don't have to. For couples who desire a high-level of personalisation but are time-poor, this is a great balance. You retain the decision-making process while we provide consultation advice based on our industry insights and years of experience.

Alternatively, we can review and hire a stylist, wedding photographer, florist, venue, celebrant, musicians, live entertainment, catering, lighting, hair and makeup artist, and audio-visual on your behalf. We will review the inclusions, prices and contracts to ensure that each wedding vendor is a good fit to help us achieve your dream wedding. This way, we take care of everything allowing you to sit back and enjoy the lead up to your perfect wedding day.

One of the first things we will establish is your wedding budget. This is because the budget determines many of the flow-on decisions. Therefore, one of the first conversations we will have will be to get a better understanding of what you want. For example, a wedding in the Hunter Valley will differ compared to a wedding in Sydney CBD so our goal will be to get things right from the beginning and make tweaks along the way if required.

Some of you will want to the experience of putting together your own wedding and may not want a full service event planner. Just for you, we offer wedding day coordination.


What Is Day Of Coordination?

If you are someone who prefers to take control of all the pre-wedding preparation but prefers to have someone on the wedding day to handle time-critical decision-making, a day of coordination service may be the best fit for you.

As a day of coordinator, we will review the contracts you have with your existing wedding vendors and begin to populate a draft run sheet. For example, we will find out when your wedding photographer is contracted to begin photography, gather their contact details, and confirm with them when they intend to commence. We will contact your florist to confirm table numbers and delivery time frames and similarly, we will reach out to every other wedding vendor to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Using this information, we will build out a comprehensive wedding day timeline so that on the big day, we will know what is required, when and where. We leave nothing to chance.

On your wedding day, we'll be there to ensure that things have been set up properly in the correct spots according to your specifications. We will also manage guest movements so that the day flows seamlessly.


What Makes Us The Best Wedding Planners In Sydney, NSW?

Every couple wants their special day to be a perfect day. 

And with any type of live event such as a wedding, there are hundreds if not thousands of moving parts.

What makes us the best wedding planners for you is our understanding of why your wedding day matters to you.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We'd love to hear from you to learn more about what your dream wedding looks like and how we can help make it happen.