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Our Work



We work with you from designing your big day, bringing the visual aesthetics to life as well as making sure all the tasks related to making a wedding happen, happens on time and on budget.


We want to get to know who you are and what you love.  Because once we know who you are, we can design and plan an event that is all about showing you off. 


We love helping you create your kind of proposal for your partner.



Beautiful styling and planning packages to make your wedding an event to remember...

This is a place where you can gather inspiration and ideas, and be empowered to go forth and plan the ultimate wedding of your dreams - not a copy of the weddings that have come before you. 




We take tradition and throw it out the window, run it over with our car, and then jump on it a few times. Your event is what you make it, and we want to help you create something that reflects your own style. Why follow tradition when you can start it?



We will arrange everything down to the smallest detail. Whether you would like an intimate setting, or your closest friends and loved ones available to share the day with you, we'll help you make it happen. If you would like a huge celebration party to follow, we can help organise that as well.


Let Us Throw You a Blast





If you are searching for an event planner in the Sydney area who will make your event, not only memorable but unique, look no further than Upside Down Events. We are dedicated to making your event a one-of-a-kind occasion that is anything but ordinary. Whether you are planning a wedding, an engagement party or another special event, we make sure that every minute detail is covered.