Wedding stylist = wedding planner?

Not quite.

Styled_wedding_shoot_collaboration 2.jpg

Wedding planners are more logistically focused on making sure that all the tasks related to making a wedding happen, happens on time and budget so that nothing is missed. In that sense it’s a little more broad than wedding stylists who focus on the stylistic concepts, themes, colours and then making that happen within a wedding project.

For a day-to-day example you can think of a wedding planner as a project manager when you renovate or build a house. These guys need to know what’s needed and the order in which to build things. They know what a house should look like, what needs to go in rooms and where the rooms should be, but they don’t know the exact details of the room itself. That’s where, say, an interior designer (aka. a wedding stylist) comes in. The designer would essentially style the room, help pick out the colours, textures and furniture to help the rooms not only look and feel great, but to pull the house together to make a home and not just a bunch of different rooms under one roof.



Is set up and pack down included in your packages?

Absolutely! We will be there to make sure everything is properly set up the way it should be and packed down after without leaving a trace.  

 Do you stay throughout the event?

It varies for every event.  For our styling packages, we usually stay until the formalities begin just to make sure that everything goes ahead smoothly.  If you book our planning packages, we would stay through the whole event.



 How much do you think everything will cost?

We would love to give you an amount straight away, however every wedding is unique.  After our first consultation, we would have a better idea of what you want and what we will be working with and can then suggest a budget. 

What should we look for in stylists?

Hire stylists whose style you love, show them your vision and then let them be creative and do their thing. 


Best wedding-related tip?

Don't be afraid to break tradition and do what's right for you!

Three words that describe our kind of brides?  

Fun, quirky & Inspired



I'd love to meet with you, when and where can we do it?

Shoot us an email and we will get back to you to arrange a complimentary consult over coffee or tea.