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Hello there! We're Upside Down Events and we are wedding planning and wedding styling experts.

Most people who arrive here know what a wedding stylist does but we like to be thorough. If you already know what wedding styling is and does, feel free to skip on ahead.

We have the ability to service all across Australian venues and we have styled weddings and other events in Sydney, Bryon Bay and Melbourne.

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Common Questions Answered

What is wedding styling?

Bridal table centrepieces, hand-lettered place cards, mismatched rustic chairs, long tables set up in a clear marquee, hanging chandeliers, and intimate table settings are just some examples of what wedding styling entails.

Wedding styling is a way of personalising your big day and it is up to a wedding stylist to decide what elements are required to bring your vision into reality. That's not to say that wedding styling cannot be DIY. It can be. But if you want a stress free experience, hiring a wedding stylist can make you and your partner's lives much easier.

What does a wedding stylist do?

It depends .. generally speaking, wedding stylists design and decide upon a colour palette and wedding theme, we liaise with multiple vendors, we organise, we manage people and hundreds of moving bits, and we do a million things behind-the-scenes.

At a very basic level, wedding stylists set-up and pack-down the event styling for your special day. This means turning up early in the morning and returning at midnight to pack things away.


How does wedding styling differ from wedding planning?

Wedding planning and wedding styling are two very different disciplines although they have a shared goal. We offer professional wedding planning so we can definitely help explain how the two services differ because both share similarities.

The confusion between the two lie in the process. Event styling and planning both require extensive logistic planning. For example, both a wedding planner and a wedding stylist will liaise with a venue manager to find out bump-in and bump-out requirements. Both professionals will create a day-of timeline. And both professionals have the shared goal of making your wedding day a stress-free one.

As part of our wedding planning packages, we can assemble a team of vendors on your behalf. Or you can hire them yourself and we will have the task of shouldering all the back-and-forth communication. Leading up to the big day, we will build out a timeline that factors in the movement of every single one of your vendors. This can include multiple live entertainers (live music, DJ), photographer, video team, florist, celebrant, photo booth, and transport. Our role as wedding planners is to give you peace of mind by making all the necessary arrangements for you.

Wedding styling, refers to the coordination process that brings all the visual elements of your wedding day together. Where a wedding planner organises people (in general), our approach to wedding styling is organising certain vendors who contribute to how your wedding ceremony and reception look.

As part of our wedding styling packages, we often communicate ideas and convey instructions to venue managers, florists, lighting technicians, calligraphers, signage makers, hire companies, and dance floor installers. Our objective as wedding stylists is to ensure that every single visual element is present and accounted for, it the right place, and at the right time.


Is event styling the same thing as wedding styling?

Essentially yes as weddings are a type of event. Where a wedding stylist may differ from an event stylist is in their specialisation. For example, event styling can include corporate events such as award nights, gala dinners, and Christmas parties while wedding styling is focused on purely weddings.

How does wedding styling differ from the serves offered by wedding florists?

Some wedding stylists can carry out the work of a florist themselves and some wedding stylists engage the professional services of a florist.

What can blur the lines sometimes is that florists can often provide some form of event styling services and a wedding stylist can sometimes provide floral services.


What Bespoke Wedding Styling Looks Like In Real Life

Our humble boutique has been honoured to have worked at a number of Sydney venues for some very special people. Here are a visual few examples to whet your appetite.

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