Life is rarely black and white and no journey is ever a straight line but rather, one that often has more valleys than peaks.

For this particular surprise proposal at Beta Bar, we came to appreciate the depth of Eric and Viv’s relationship. Like many couples, their story shared many highs and lows and this was what made Eric’s proposal so special to us.

Eric let us pick where the surprise proposal was to take place. We chose Beta Bar for a number of reasons. First of all, it was an indoor space which meant that it was protected from the elements. From an event designer’s perspective, this is the holy grail as it minimises many of the variables beyond our control. At the end of the day, our goal as surprise marriage proposal designers is to create a warm, inviting and safe space so that she will say ‘yes’.

Being a bar, Beta Bar was the perfect choice to remove any suspicions. Viv was simply going out with a few friends for a drink in the city. Plus, we have always wanted to design an event at Beta Bar.

Eric gave us a lot of autonomy with the set design (something we always appreciate!). He wanted Viv to feel overwhelmed for all the right reasons the moment she walked through those beautiful double doors at Beta Bar. So we set about to transform the edgy and industrial blank slate into a romantic and elegant one.

With flowers and lots of candles, we set the mood of the room.

And for an extra touch or personalisation, we took Eric & Viv’s love story and translated them into interactive and meaningful decor elements. If you look closely, you will notice that on each of the plinths, there is a circular card help up by a large peg. Each of these cards represented a key milestone from their relationship, expressed in Eric’s own words.

Photo & Video Credit: In A Maze

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Lilac Zhang