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I want to take you back in time; a time where a boy and a girl (not much older than you are right now) had been betrothed to each.

Like many before them, this was an arranged marriage and being the eldest child of their respective families, it was their duty. 

Before the age of emails and SnapChat, all they had to go by was a painting of them made by the local village artist.

They had never met. Until now, which is where this unexpected love story begins.


The boy arrives at the ceremony location, hours before the big and loud festivities are to be.

He isn’t ready to be wed – he has a million thoughts running through his head. And to get away from it all, he came to this place to think, to ponder, but mostly, just to clear his head.

“Who is this girl?” he wonders. “What will my life be after this?”

His nervousness shows as he wrings his hands and walks back and forth on the same spot.

The same fears are running through her head.

But she sees something about this boy that makes her want to approach him.

She can’t quite place her finger on why.


“Everything happens for a reason” – she tells herself as she quietens her mind and takes the five steps to reach him.

She walks up to him and taps. 

Her approaching footsteps draw him from out of his daze.

He turns around to see who is coming.

There’s a smile on their faces as they lay eyes on each other for the very first time – shy but with a hint of relief.

“He seems nice.” she thinks to herself.


And in the silence of the morning sun, they hold hands and lock eyes as no words are needed to express what they feel in their hearts.

They walk around the space, tracing the steps that they would make when the crowd will eventually arrive.

But for now, in this rare moment of peace, the boy and the girl are being just that, a boy and a girl.


Photo Credit: Angus Porter By DKC

Video Credit: Soulmade Stories

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