As event designers and stylists, putting together a surprise proposal is one of our favourite things to do. THEY’RE SO MUCH FUN AND THE SUSPENSE! OMG!

Guys, if you want her ‘YES’ to be a resounding one, we recommend that you put some forethought into the proposal process. Splashing money isn’t the goal (although a healthy budget allows us to give you and her the ultimate experience) but rather, showing her how much she means to you and why you want to commit the rest of your life to her.

One of the things we do with each guy in the planning process is to try to get as much information as possible on the ‘target’ (without being overly stalker-ish). Since most chaps aren’t the best at articulating what their partner’s favourite colour, food, and things are, we’ll stalk her online profiles to get a sense of who she is and what she likes. We do this so that we can introduce elements that make sense to her. And secondly, after the initial shock of it all, she will see all the elements that have significance to her and the relationship and this adds extra brownie points for you.

For this particular couple, we came to understand that they like to spend a lot of their time together in the outdoors. They frequented Centennial Parklands and so it made complete sense for us to host the surprise proposal at The Ranger. For starters, she wouldn’t suspect why she was meeting him there.

Rahul was able to tell us what her favourite colour was so we used a lot of purple elements throughout the set up (purple flowers and tealight candles).

Part of their backstory was that Rahul was initially going to propose in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. But due to various reasons (read: he chickened out), he never ended up following through with the surprise proposal. Upon hearing this, we decided to introduce a design element to reference this critical moment of their relationship. When you scroll down, you will notice triangles - this was our way to refer to the proposal that never happened in a fun yet creative way.

Rahul told us that they love rap and hip-hop music. We didn’t really believe him at first but when they walked into The Rangers, we had 50 Cent’s 21 Question blaring on Bluetooth speakers.

Everything Rahul said about her was true. Down to the playlist.


Photo Credit: Snaps by Tiffany

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Lilac Zhang